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Ideal for all kinds of floor environment. It could be at home; living room, kitchen or garage, or it could be at work; hospitals, laundromat, office, school halls etc. Name it and I assure you Epoxy seamless flooring would match its needs for durability, decorative and practicality. Epoxy seamless flooring is the typical flooring needed […]

The Application Process

A lot of our clients ask us, how long does it take, and what’s involved. Generally the process will take around 3-4 days depending on the type of surface to be coated. If you have a really porous surface or old / deteriorated concrete, an epoxy primer coat is often required to seal the surface […]

Benefits of Polished Concrete in Commercial Areas

Commercial and industrial buildings can benefit much from high quality flooring material. Using granite or marble floors will certainly enhance the appearance of a commercial area, which could translate to better sales. But these flooring materials are very expensive and may not be practical for a business operation, particularly if you are still in the […]

Rollcoat Epoxy in Industrial Floor Applications

Industrial floors can be made more practical if they are built more durable and able to withstand heavy traffic and abuse from the machineries and equipment they house. They are typically subjected to massive dirt, oil leaks, grease, water spills and other substances that can damage the floor’s surface. Application of industrial rollcoat epoxy can […]

Why Polished Epoxy is Best for Industrial Floors

Industrial floors are often subjected to damages presented by heavy duty machines as well as busy traffic in some cases. Because of the heavy usage for such floors, higher standards are set for industrial floors to avoid constant repairs and replacements. Polished epoxy floor provides many advantages over other floor types in terms of durability […]

Flawless Floors Add Value to Your Flooring

Flawless Flooring presents flooring solutions that bring added value to to domestic, commercial and industrial floors. Boasting high durability and easy maintenance, Flawless Flooring’s epoxy flooring are deemed ideal for operations of heavy usage and floors exposed to dirt, chemicals, grease and solvents. Available in a wide array of colours and textures, the company’s seamless […]

Keeping Floors Safe with Industrial Floor Coating

Floor safety is a very important consideration in any industrial operation. Negligence in this area could cost the company significant expenses due to slips and falls and other unnecessary accidents. More undesirable, of course, are the injuries that may come about as a result of such accidents. There are actions that can be done to […]

Commercial Floor Coverings Flawless Flooring Works for Perfection

Flawless Flooring brings seamless epoxy floors to a whole new level as it aim for perfection in its every work. Whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use, Flawless Flooring’s concrete flooring finishes endure successfully through the test of time. Seamless Flooring VS Regular Concrete Seamless flooring’s difference from regular concrete flooring is immense, as some […]

Protecting Floors with Epoxy Coating

Concrete floors get extra attractive when applied with good epoxy resin finishing. Additionally, using epoxy floor coating for domestic, commercial or industrial floors provides some beneficial functions. Epoxy coating adds durability to the floor and also gives excellent protection to the concrete floor. Epoxy coating makes use of resin that has properties of high durability […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Industrial Flooring

Industrial floors are built not so much for their aesthetic appeal, but more for their functionality. In choosing the right type of industrial floors, toughness, durability and versatility are among the properties that should be considered. Industrial floors are often exposed to chemicals, solvents, grease and oil. These substances are very hard to remove, especially […]