Rollcoat Epoxy in Industrial Floor Applications

Industrial floors can be made more practical if they are built more durable and able to withstand heavy traffic and abuse from the machineries and equipment they house. They are typically subjected to massive dirt, oil leaks, grease, water spills and other substances that can damage the floor’s surface. Application of industrial rollcoat epoxy can make a huge difference in protecting floors from damaging elements normally present in industrial facilities.

There are different grades of epoxy that have been developed for various uses. For industrial applications,100% solids epoxy is best suited. Concrete floors without any form of coating are easy repository of dirt, grease, solvents and any other damaging substances that spill on the floor. Epoxy coating gives floors stronger protection able to repel many of these types of chemicals and dirt.

Importance of Rollcoat Epoxy on Concrete Floor

Concrete is characteristically porous, so any substance that comes in contact with it gets absorbed. Once that happens, it becomes almost impossible to remove the substance off the floors. It can become an environmental problem if toxic substances manage to seep into the porous concrete floors. The floors can become contaminated and potentially hazardous to the health of the users of the facility.

Applying industrial floor coatings improves the lifespan of concrete floors. Although they are subjected to heavy duty use, epoxy protected floors are less susceptible to everyday wear and tear. These epoxy-based coatings help restore and even enhance the look and quality of the floor. Rollcoat epoxy makes the floors effectively resistant to chemicals, grease, oil and damaging dirt. Epoxy also protects the floors from abrasion and marks from hot tyres. In industrial facilities, these most commonly experienced. Epoxy coated industrial floors are very easy to clean with light sweeping and their appearance is enhanced with high gloss and better light reflection.

Rollcoat epoxy can be applied to both new and old industrial concrete floors. In both cases, the floors must be prepared first by removing all dirt and contaminants that may be present. This can be achieved by using a diamond grinder or by employing a mechanical or chemical etch method. Due to the complexity in applying epoxy coating to the floors, it is advisable to hire the services of specialists in this area.

Rollcoat epoxy is available in different colours, so you much the leeway to get the right look for your facility. Epoxy coatings are very much recommended for applications such as garages, storage places for heavy machineries and equipment, food preparation facilities and other industrial operations.

Why Polished Epoxy is Best for Industrial Floors

Industrial floors are often subjected to damages presented by heavy duty machines as well as busy traffic in some cases. Because of the heavy usage for such floors, higher standards are set for industrial floors to avoid constant repairs and replacements. Polished epoxy floor provides many advantages over other floor types in terms of durability and maintenance. Polished epoxy is also touted for its hard wearing properties that make them perfect for industrial operations such as factories and storage facilities.

Epoxy floors benefit from the chemical components in epoxy for that extra hardness to the floor finish. The epoxy mixture is usually composed of a petroleum resin blended with a hardening substance, very similar to the epoxy glue that is used for fixing pipes. When epoxy is used as floor finish, the surface gets added protection from damaging elements such as grease, oil, dust, chemicals and solvents. Polished epoxy is highly resistant to these types of dirt, and whenever the surface gets dirtied, the dirt can easily be removed with an easy sweep of a mop.

Industrial Facilities Polished Epoxy is Ideal

Polished epoxy is well suited for industrial facilities such as food preparation or food factories, storage and showrooms for heavy machinery such as trucks, trolleys and forklifts. It would be good to consult a specialist in epoxy flooring before using industrial floor coatings so you can be sure to get the best and most appropriate coating for a particular operation. For instance, if the location would most likely be slippery because of the machines being used or the materials being processed there, then a coating with a gripping substance would have to be used to turn it into a non-slip flooring. If the epoxy flooring is to be used for a showroom, it would be good to get a shiny finish for better light reflection, thereby bringing more light into the room.

For areas such as airport terminals, railway stations or large shopping malls, a finishing with granite effect would be best to use. This type of surface is not recommended for use in heavy duty floors carrying heavy trucks or equipment because they are applied in thin coatings only. For operations that use electronic equipment or computers, the epoxy is mixed with a low static compound to prevent any damage to the chips. In flooring areas that need repair from cracks, mortar epoxy is applied.

Other types epoxy finishes are designed to fit other industrial applications, so it is best to consult an epoxy flooring specialist first, before starting with the floor finishing project.

Flawless Floors Add Value to Your Flooring

Flawless Flooring presents flooring solutions that bring added value to to domestic, commercial and industrial floors. Boasting high durability and easy maintenance, Flawless Flooring’s epoxy flooring are deemed ideal for operations of heavy usage and floors exposed to dirt, chemicals, grease and solvents.

Available in a wide array of colours and textures, the company’s seamless flooring solutions are applicable to any floor types. “We can add value, style and look to any surface no matter how big or small,” said the company, which has been servicing the the areas of Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW for more than 30 years now.

Expoxy Flooring for Homes

The company’s epoxy flooring solutions are recommended for use in homes, in patios, garages, entertainment rooms and rumpus areas. Deemed non-toxic and safe for children, flawless polished concrete can be safely applied to children’s playrooms as well. In domestic garages, epoxy coated floors perform better than regular concrete floors as they are easier to clean and maintain, and can repel oil and grease that are usually the main problems in garages. Domestic floors benefit from the added value as epoxy roll coats provide a decorative, glossy and clean finish to the floor area. Additional benefits include excellent durability and easy maintenance.

Expoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Flawless Flooring’s seamless epoxy coatings are ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings for the added value they provide the operations. Touting low maintenance and durability, epoxy floorings bring significant cost savings to businesses and industries due to the lower labour required for janitorial maintenance. They are highly recommended for use in showrooms or storage areas for heavy machineries, trucks, forklifts and trolleys since they are highly resistant to dirt, solvents, grease, oil, and chemicals coming from the heavy machines.

Seamless flooring solutions from Flawless Floorings likewise bring significant benefits to commercial establishments dealing with heavy human traffic. Polished floors perform well in commercial kitchens and food preparation factories that require high standards in hygiene and cleanliness. Users can take advantage of the easy cleaning process needed to maintain epoxy coated floorings.

The company believes its epoxy flooring solution are a better alternative to concrete floors. “Seamless Flooring is a great way to cover up nasty imperfections in concrete,” according to the company. Epoxy coatings are best for face-lifting concrete flooring, especially those that have peeling and lifting paint. Epoxy roll coats, which can be incorporated with non-slip additives for added safety measures, are also perfect to use to repair cracks on existing concrete floors.

Keeping Floors Safe with Industrial Floor Coating

Floor safety is a very important consideration in any industrial operation. Negligence in this area could cost the company significant expenses due to slips and falls and other unnecessary accidents. More undesirable, of course, are the injuries that may come about as a result of such accidents. There are actions that can be done to ensure the safety of the personnel in an industrial operation. Among them include using safe flooring systems in the industrial facility.

Easy Cleaning with Epoxy Coated Industrial Floors

One area where safety can be incorporated is in the use of industrial floor coatings on ordinary concrete floors. Seamless epoxy coatings are very ideal to use as floor finishing for industrial operations because of the many benefits they present. Floors are easier to maintain and clean with easy mopping of the surface. The epoxy coating also protects the floor from dirt and stain that can easily come from the machines and equipment that are either stored in the facility or used heavily in the area.

Because of the shiny appearance of epoxy coats on industrial flooring, it is always easy to conclude that such floor finishing’s have the tendency to be slippery, and therefore unsafe for most operations. Industrial floors are often prone to accidents because of the use of substances such as grease, oil, toxic and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are used a lot in industrial facilities that serve as warehouse or storage for trucks, heavy machinery, forklifts and trolleys.

Shiny but not Slippery

To guarantee the safe use of industrial floors, some epoxy coatings can be formulated for effective use in heavy equipment operations. Anti-slip additives are added to the epoxy coating to make sure that they do not become slippery, while remaining shiny and clean. Epoxy coatings applied on industrial floors can be customised in different situations to make them adhere to stringent safety standards set by government agencies. Reliable providers of seamless epoxy floors also make sure that their products do not contain toxic elements that could be dangerous to the health of the personnel in the facility. The ability of the epoxy finish to protect the floors from solvents, chemical and grease adds to the overall cleanliness that makes it extra safer to work in the facility.

Industrial floors need not only be functional, they also have to be safe for most of the operations going on every day in the facility. Application of seamless epoxy coatings that meet strict safety standards is one effective way of making sure that industrial floors are kept safe the best way possible.

Things to Consider When Choosing Industrial Flooring

Industrial floors are built not so much for their aesthetic appeal, but more for their functionality. In choosing the right type of industrial floors, toughness, durability and versatility are among the properties that should be considered. Industrial floors are often exposed to chemicals, solvents, grease and oil. These substances are very hard to remove, especially if the flooring used is plain and porous concrete.

Ease in maintenance

Ease in maintenance is among the criteria that you will need to factor in when choosing industrial and commercial flooring. Because people would be busy with other heavier tasks, it would be good to have flooring that will not require a lot of cleaning. Avoid using plain concrete floors if you are working with greasy substances. Concrete is porous so chemicals are sure to seep deep into the concrete floor and would be nightmare to remove. The industrial floor needs hygienic and non-porous protective covering that will be easy to clean whenever there is spillage.


Durability is another important factor to consider when installing industrial floors. Because of the usually heavy operations on industrial floors, they need to be built with high durability. Find a flooring material that can withstand heavy equipment usage. The material should be heavy duty as well so that it will last long to avoid costly maintenance and floor repairs. Floors made of epoxy coats are very ideal for industrial use mainly because of their durability.


Functionality is very important to consider as well. Think of the materials that will be handled in the industrial operation. If there are chances of grease, oil or water spilling on the floors, there is that danger that the floor could get slippery and might cause accidents. Using rubber floors would protect workers from slips and falls, but these floors are not very good in repelling spills, so they would be difficult to clean and maintain. Tile floors may look nice, but they can be very slippery and therefore dangerous if you are using grease, oil and water in your industrial operation. 100% Epoxy Solids with a non-slip additive is ideal to use for operations that require non-slip floors.

Price should also be considered when installing industrial floors. You would not want your floors to take a huge part of your capital and operational costs. Look for industrial floor installation that is cost effective. Again, maintenance costs is where you can save a lot of money, so choosing a low maintenance type of flooring would help you a lot in your finances. Low maintenance will cut labour costs and will also do away with frequent repairs and replacements.

Industrial Floors Get Better with Flawless Flooring

Industrial businesses tend to pay less attention to the look of their interiors than the functions that they provide. Much less attention is even given to floors in industrial operations such as heavy duty businesses, but because of the demanding maintenance involved in cleaning industrial floors, this has attitude been changing. Flawless Flooring provides just the perfect answer and solution for industrial flooring to attain significant productivity and efficiency in industrial operations.

Polished Concrete Flooring for the Home and Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Flawless Flooring specialises in polished concrete flooring for household, commercial and industrial purposes. The company’s floor solutions are seen perfect for industrial operations, which typically deal with a lot of heavy usage, from the equipment being used to the daily traffic in the facility. The company’s polished concrete solution is deemed to be a better alternative to ordinary concrete or floor tiles, which may not be durable enough for the kind of heavy usage in industrial operations.\

Epoxy-Based Coatings

Flawless Flooring boasts flooring solutions using epoxy-based coatings that work best for heavy machinery such as forklifts, trucks and trolleys. The number one problem of heavy machinery industry facilities is the mess that result from day to day operation. Ordinary concrete floors are quite porous so dirt and grease can seep into them. Polished concrete is perfect for industrial businesses as they are built to repel any type of dirt.

Investing in epoxy flooring helps heavy industries attain significant cost savings in maintenance. Flawless Flooring’s industrial flooring solutions are easy to maintain with an easy mop, making them perfect for a busy operation that would rather prefer to focus on the business productivity. Because there is no need to hire extra people for janitorial tasks, the business realises substantial cost efficiency.

The epoxy coating applied on ordinary concrete makes the industrial flooring last longer, thanks to the durable properties of epoxy and polyurethane used in Flawless Flooring’s seamless floors. Epoxy coated polished concrete are expected to last for more than 2 decades.

Flawless Flooring is driven to provide exceptional products to its customers by providing value to domestic, commercial or industrial floors. The company prides itself in being able to respond to varying flooring needs.