Industrial Floors Get Better with Flawless Flooring

Industrial businesses tend to pay less attention to the look of their interiors than the functions that they provide. Much less attention is even given to floors in industrial operations such as heavy duty businesses, but because of the demanding maintenance involved in cleaning industrial floors, this has attitude been changing. Flawless Flooring provides just the perfect answer and solution for industrial flooring to attain significant productivity and efficiency in industrial operations.

Polished Concrete Flooring for the Home and Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Flawless Flooring specialises in polished concrete flooring for household, commercial and industrial purposes. The company’s floor solutions are seen perfect for industrial operations, which typically deal with a lot of heavy usage, from the equipment being used to the daily traffic in the facility. The company’s polished concrete solution is deemed to be a better alternative to ordinary concrete or floor tiles, which may not be durable enough for the kind of heavy usage in industrial operations.\

Epoxy-Based Coatings

Flawless Flooring boasts flooring solutions using epoxy-based coatings that work best for heavy machinery such as forklifts, trucks and trolleys. The number one problem of heavy machinery industry facilities is the mess that result from day to day operation. Ordinary concrete floors are quite porous so dirt and grease can seep into them. Polished concrete is perfect for industrial businesses as they are built to repel any type of dirt.

Investing in epoxy flooring helps heavy industries attain significant cost savings in maintenance. Flawless Flooring’s industrial flooring solutions are easy to maintain with an easy mop, making them perfect for a busy operation that would rather prefer to focus on the business productivity. Because there is no need to hire extra people for janitorial tasks, the business realises substantial cost efficiency.

The epoxy coating applied on ordinary concrete makes the industrial flooring last longer, thanks to the durable properties of epoxy and polyurethane used in Flawless Flooring’s seamless floors. Epoxy coated polished concrete are expected to last for more than 2 decades.

Flawless Flooring is driven to provide exceptional products to its customers by providing value to domestic, commercial or industrial floors. The company prides itself in being able to respond to varying flooring needs.

Enhance Your Garage with Epoxy Coatings

In a typical household, the garage is usually not considered in the home’s design. Garages are commonly covered with concrete, defined by walls and have a garage door for opening, and that’s it. The garage is meant to be functional, a parking space to secure the vehicle. But your garage need not be a design disaster. It can be functional and still be stylish.

A great way to improve the look of your garage and still maintain its functionality is the use of epoxy seamless flooring on top of the concrete. Epoxy flooring can transform your regular garage into a sophisticated-looking area.

What Is Epoxy Seamless Flooring?

Epoxy Seamless Flooring is the result of using epoxy and polyurethane coatings to cover the concrete floor. The application involves a preliminary step of clearing the concrete of any bumps and fixing cracks and holes. The floor may also undergo diamond grinding to remove any contamination due to grease, oil or chemicals.

After the preparation, a layer of epoxy resin base is applied to the floor. The homeowner is free to choose from any colours available and may even add flakes or additives to the epoxy resin mix. The application takes only a few days for the entire process to be completed.  

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Epoxy Seamless Flooring can make your garage look extraordinary and more appealing, a big leap from the boring and dull appearance of ordinary concrete floors. Epoxy Seamless Flooring can be used in other parts of the house, including the patio, the entertainment room, rumpus and pathways. However, Epoxy Seamless Flooring is even more appropriate to use in home garages for many reasons.

Using Epoxy Seamless Flooring gives you ease of maintenance. Furthermore, because epoxy serves as a great floor covering, it can effectively protect the floor from chemicals and substances that normally seep into concrete. With ordinary concrete floors, grease, oil and other substances used in cars can easily drop onto the floor. Because they are quite porous, concrete floors are vulnerable to contamination from such substances.

Covering your garage with Epoxy Seamless Flooring makes it resistant to dirt and stain caused by grease, oils and other chemical spills. Epoxy Seamless Flooring are also easy to clean. With a light mopping of the floor, you can get rid of the dirt and sticky substances that may have dropped onto the Polyurethane Coatings.

The aesthetic appeal of the Epoxy Seamless Flooring is the added bonus you get when using this for your garage flooring. The floor gets a seamless, shiny look that makes it look like an expensive floor, when in fact this floor application is more affordable than floor tiles.

Epoxy Seamless Flooring  marries aesthetic appeal with function. Application of epoxy flooring in the garage can make your life easier while saving you a lot of money in the long run. Domestic garages are the most sought after Epoxy Seamless Flooring applications for their easy clean and low maintenance with UV Polyurethane Top Coatings.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in a Commercial Environment

Commercial and industrial floors are often subject to many different types of abuse. During their day-to-day use, commercial floors have to endure heavy human traffic and sometimes the impact from machines and equipment being moved around the area.

Businesses making extensive use of the floors understand the need for a reliable floor system to minimise damage to the flooring. Using a good flooring system will lessen maintenance and repair costs due to heavy usage.

The use of epoxy coatings has been proven to be a good move for commercial and industrial spaces. Here are just some of the benefits that your business can gain from the use of epoxy floors.


Epoxy coatings provide good protection for ordinary concrete, which can easily be soiled by chemicals, oils and grease from equipment. Because concrete is generally porous, any spilt liquid will easily be absorbed by the floor. This makes it really hard to remedy.

When the concrete is treated with an epoxy application, the commercial floor gets a strong layer of protection that repels liquid spillage. Epoxy coatings also act as protective covering against abrasion, which can damage the concrete floor.


Epoxy coatings are highly durable, which makes them ideal to apply on commercial or industrial floors. They are very good to use in spaces that are used for showrooms, heavy equipment, forklifts, trucks and trolleys.

Epoxy coated commercial floors can withstand the load coming from any heavy machinery and the constant traffic typical of a commercial space.

Maintenance Ease

Because of the repellent ability that epoxy has against solvents, chemicals, grease and oils, maintenance has become much easier. Maintenance is a very important consideration for business decision makers as it can hurt the financial health of the company if the maintenance costs are too high.

With epoxy coatings, dirt and grime are easier to remove with light mopping. There will be times when a light solution is needed to remove grime from chemicals and grease-like components that have been spilt on a commercial or industrial floor. Either way, the costs are minimal when it comes to janitorial and maintenance of such flooring systems.

Aesthetics for Less

Despite the simplicity, epoxy floors are aesthetically appealing because of the sheen and seamless appearance. Options are available for different colours and for a non-slip additive to make the floor safer during daily operations.

Epoxy floors allow businesses to achieve a great look for their operation without hurting the budget. Application of epoxy coatings on concrete floors are a very inexpensive way of enhancing the look of the space with a seamless finish. 

Using Epoxy Coatings to Protect Commercial Floors

Commercial floors need to be strong and able to withstand heavy human traffic. That is in addition to them being attractive enough to entice customers if they are being used to showcase products.

There is no doubt that the best option for commercial operations is the use of epoxy flooring for their facilities. Epoxy floors provide all the advantages of a tough and durable flooring system without hurting the budget.

Protecting Against Heavy Use

Epoxy coating is ideal to use over concrete floors. Epoxy is by far the better alternative to other flooring materials such as tiles and even natural stones. Epoxy coatings provide a more reliable protection than tiles on concrete floors. When exposed to heavy traffic, weight and pressure, epoxy floors are better built for better performance.

Left alone, concrete floors do not perform well in the day-to-day operation of a commercial facility. Concrete can easily crack under strong pressure and may not be able to carry the weight of heavy equipment and machinery. The same can be said of tiles. They could crack if loaded with heavy equipment.

Epoxy floors possess the durability required to endure heavy traffic and tremendous weight, typical of commercial facilities such as showrooms, commercial kitchens, factories and warehouses.

Protecting from Dirt

Another advantage of using epoxy flooring for commercial facilities is its ability to effectively protect against dirt, oil, grease, solvents and chemicals. The epoxy provides an impermeable coating to the concrete floor and makes it easy to wipe the floor clean with a mop or a simple sweep.

Concrete is not very good when it comes to keeping dirt at bay. This is because concrete is very porous, so anything that is spilt on it will be absorbed. Concrete’s porosity does not make it an ideal choice in operations that make frequent use of grease and oil, as well as other chemicals.

If you are running a showroom for cars or a warehouse with forklifts or heavy machinery, the floor is bound to be exposed to a great amount of grease and oil that has been accidentally spilt. These spills would be easy to manage if you were using epoxy flooring.

Epoxy is also the ideal material to use for commercial kitchens and food factories, which need to comply with very strict standards on cleanliness and hygiene. The ease of cleaning epoxy floors will make it more convenient for workers to keep the area always clean.

Epoxy flooring is perfect for use in commercial applications because of the valuable protection it provides ordinary concrete. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it the most practical material to use for commercial facilities.