Flawless Floors Add Value to Your Flooring

Flawless Flooring presents flooring solutions that bring added value to to domestic, commercial and industrial floors. Boasting high durability and easy maintenance, Flawless Flooring’s epoxy flooring are deemed ideal for operations of heavy usage and floors exposed to dirt, chemicals, grease and solvents.

Available in a wide array of colours and textures, the company’s seamless flooring solutions are applicable to any floor types. “We can add value, style and look to any surface no matter how big or small,” said the company, which has been servicing the the areas of Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW for more than 30 years now.

Expoxy Flooring for Homes

The company’s epoxy flooring solutions are recommended for use in homes, in patios, garages, entertainment rooms and rumpus areas. Deemed non-toxic and safe for children, flawless polished concrete can be safely applied to children’s playrooms as well. In domestic garages, epoxy coated floors perform better than regular concrete floors as they are easier to clean and maintain, and can repel oil and grease that are usually the main problems in garages. Domestic floors benefit from the added value as epoxy roll coats provide a decorative, glossy and clean finish to the floor area. Additional benefits include excellent durability and easy maintenance.

Expoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Flawless Flooring’s seamless epoxy coatings are ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings for the added value they provide the operations. Touting low maintenance and durability, epoxy floorings bring significant cost savings to businesses and industries due to the lower labour required for janitorial maintenance. They are highly recommended for use in showrooms or storage areas for heavy machineries, trucks, forklifts and trolleys since they are highly resistant to dirt, solvents, grease, oil, and chemicals coming from the heavy machines.

Seamless flooring solutions from Flawless Floorings likewise bring significant benefits to commercial establishments dealing with heavy human traffic. Polished floors perform well in commercial kitchens and food preparation factories that require high standards in hygiene and cleanliness. Users can take advantage of the easy cleaning process needed to maintain epoxy coated floorings.

The company believes its epoxy flooring solution are a better alternative to concrete floors. “Seamless Flooring is a great way to cover up nasty imperfections in concrete,” according to the company. Epoxy coatings are best for face-lifting concrete flooring, especially those that have peeling and lifting paint. Epoxy roll coats, which can be incorporated with non-slip additives for added safety measures, are also perfect to use to repair cracks on existing concrete floors.