Keeping Floors Safe with Industrial Floor Coating

Floor safety is a very important consideration in any industrial operation. Negligence in this area could cost the company significant expenses due to slips and falls and other unnecessary accidents. More undesirable, of course, are the injuries that may come about as a result of such accidents. There are actions that can be done to ensure the safety of the personnel in an industrial operation. Among them include using safe flooring systems in the industrial facility.

Easy Cleaning with Epoxy Coated Industrial Floors

One area where safety can be incorporated is in the use of industrial floor coatings on ordinary concrete floors. Seamless epoxy coatings are very ideal to use as floor finishing for industrial operations because of the many benefits they present. Floors are easier to maintain and clean with easy mopping of the surface. The epoxy coating also protects the floor from dirt and stain that can easily come from the machines and equipment that are either stored in the facility or used heavily in the area.

Because of the shiny appearance of epoxy coats on industrial flooring, it is always easy to conclude that such floor finishing’s have the tendency to be slippery, and therefore unsafe for most operations. Industrial floors are often prone to accidents because of the use of substances such as grease, oil, toxic and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are used a lot in industrial facilities that serve as warehouse or storage for trucks, heavy machinery, forklifts and trolleys.

Shiny but not Slippery

To guarantee the safe use of industrial floors, some epoxy coatings can be formulated for effective use in heavy equipment operations. Anti-slip additives are added to the epoxy coating to make sure that they do not become slippery, while remaining shiny and clean. Epoxy coatings applied on industrial floors can be customised in different situations to make them adhere to stringent safety standards set by government agencies. Reliable providers of seamless epoxy floors also make sure that their products do not contain toxic elements that could be dangerous to the health of the personnel in the facility. The ability of the epoxy finish to protect the floors from solvents, chemical and grease adds to the overall cleanliness that makes it extra safer to work in the facility.

Industrial floors need not only be functional, they also have to be safe for most of the operations going on every day in the facility. Application of seamless epoxy coatings that meet strict safety standards is one effective way of making sure that industrial floors are kept safe the best way possible.