Protecting Floors with Epoxy Coating

Concrete floors get extra attractive when applied with good epoxy resin finishing. Additionally, using epoxy floor coating for domestic, commercial or industrial floors provides some beneficial functions. Epoxy coating adds durability to the floor and also gives excellent protection to the concrete floor.

Epoxy coating makes use of resin that has properties of high durability and glossy finish. Epoxy resin is ideal for waterproofing the floor as it effectively acts as a seal to the floor. Epoxy coating used for polished concrete is also effective in keeping the floor dust proof and resistant to grease, oil, solvents and chemicals, thus making it ideal for use in commercial or industrial flooring. Epoxy coating has found many uses in commercial and industrial operations. The resin is ideal to use in commercial kitchens and food production facilities because of the protective covering it gives the floor surface, thereby preventing seepage of dirt into the floor. In domestic areas, epoxy coating is good to use in garages, which are usually subjected to greasy dirt from the vehicles. It is also good to use for floorings in rumpus rooms, patios, walkways and entertainment areas. The dirt resistant property of epoxy resin makes it a good flooring material for home areas and facilities that require strict hygiene standards.

Epoxy Coating on Ordinary Concrete Floors

Ordinary concrete floors can easily be contaminated with dirt and chemicals because it is still porous. Covering concrete with epoxy resin gives the floor a finish that is hard and durable enough to repel dirt and chemicals. Epoxy floorings are also protected from dirt as cleaning is made easier with easy mopping. The hard coating also acts as effective waterproofing for the floor surface.

Epoxy coating is applied on concrete floors after the floor has been prepared with diamond grinding and cracks and holes on the floors have been repaired. A basecoat of epoxy resin is applied to the floor, followed by an application of polyurethane to seal the epoxy resin. The epoxy resin can be used to fix any cracks or small holes that may be present on the floor surface. Additives can be added to the mixture to make the floor a non-slip polished concrete type that is safe to use even by children. Typically, epoxy coatings can dry up in as short as 24 hours, but the drying time could be longer depending on the thickness of the epoxy mixture. What results is an attractive glossy looking floor that has long lifespan because of the durability of the epoxy coating.