Rollcoat Epoxy in Industrial Floor Applications

Industrial floors can be made more practical if they are built more durable and able to withstand heavy traffic and abuse from the machineries and equipment they house. They are typically subjected to massive dirt, oil leaks, grease, water spills and other substances that can damage the floor’s surface. Application of industrial rollcoat epoxy can make a huge difference in protecting floors from damaging elements normally present in industrial facilities.

There are different grades of epoxy that have been developed for various uses. For industrial applications,100% solids epoxy is best suited. Concrete floors without any form of coating are easy repository of dirt, grease, solvents and any other damaging substances that spill on the floor. Epoxy coating gives floors stronger protection able to repel many of these types of chemicals and dirt.

Importance of Rollcoat Epoxy on Concrete Floor

Concrete is characteristically porous, so any substance that comes in contact with it gets absorbed. Once that happens, it becomes almost impossible to remove the substance off the floors. It can become an environmental problem if toxic substances manage to seep into the porous concrete floors. The floors can become contaminated and potentially hazardous to the health of the users of the facility.

Applying industrial floor coatings improves the lifespan of concrete floors. Although they are subjected to heavy duty use, epoxy protected floors are less susceptible to everyday wear and tear. These epoxy-based coatings help restore and even enhance the look and quality of the floor. Rollcoat epoxy makes the floors effectively resistant to chemicals, grease, oil and damaging dirt. Epoxy also protects the floors from abrasion and marks from hot tyres. In industrial facilities, these most commonly experienced. Epoxy coated industrial floors are very easy to clean with light sweeping and their appearance is enhanced with high gloss and better light reflection.

Rollcoat epoxy can be applied to both new and old industrial concrete floors. In both cases, the floors must be prepared first by removing all dirt and contaminants that may be present. This can be achieved by using a diamond grinder or by employing a mechanical or chemical etch method. Due to the complexity in applying epoxy coating to the floors, it is advisable to hire the services of specialists in this area.

Rollcoat epoxy is available in different colours, so you much the leeway to get the right look for your facility. Epoxy coatings are very much recommended for applications such as garages, storage places for heavy machineries and equipment, food preparation facilities and other industrial operations.