The Application Process

A lot of our clients ask us, how long does it take, and what’s involved. Generally the process will take around 3-4 days depending on the type of surface to be coated.

If you have a really porous surface or old / deteriorated concrete, an epoxy primer coat is often required to seal the surface before applying base coat & flake. Generally the process works as follows:

DAY 1: Floor preparation including holes and cracks repaired and primer coat
DAY 2: Epoxy base coat & flake
DAY 3: Light sand of flake, vacuum floor & apply 1st polyurethane coat
DAY 4: Apply second coat of polyurethane. This is the final coat.
Our Polyurethane finishes are UV-Stabilised & Non-Yellowing so even after long periods in the sun you won’t get that old yellow affect seen on some other coatings.