Using Epoxy Coatings to Protect Commercial Floors

Commercial floors need to be strong and able to withstand heavy human traffic. That is in addition to them being attractive enough to entice customers if they are being used to showcase products.

There is no doubt that the best option for commercial operations is the use of epoxy flooring for their facilities. Epoxy floors provide all the advantages of a tough and durable flooring system without hurting the budget.

Protecting Against Heavy Use

Epoxy coating is ideal to use over concrete floors. Epoxy is by far the better alternative to other flooring materials such as tiles and even natural stones. Epoxy coatings provide a more reliable protection than tiles on concrete floors. When exposed to heavy traffic, weight and pressure, epoxy floors are better built for better performance.

Left alone, concrete floors do not perform well in the day-to-day operation of a commercial facility. Concrete can easily crack under strong pressure and may not be able to carry the weight of heavy equipment and machinery. The same can be said of tiles. They could crack if loaded with heavy equipment.

Epoxy floors possess the durability required to endure heavy traffic and tremendous weight, typical of commercial facilities such as showrooms, commercial kitchens, factories and warehouses.

Protecting from Dirt

Another advantage of using epoxy flooring for commercial facilities is its ability to effectively protect against dirt, oil, grease, solvents and chemicals. The epoxy provides an impermeable coating to the concrete floor and makes it easy to wipe the floor clean with a mop or a simple sweep.

Concrete is not very good when it comes to keeping dirt at bay. This is because concrete is very porous, so anything that is spilt on it will be absorbed. Concrete’s porosity does not make it an ideal choice in operations that make frequent use of grease and oil, as well as other chemicals.

If you are running a showroom for cars or a warehouse with forklifts or heavy machinery, the floor is bound to be exposed to a great amount of grease and oil that has been accidentally spilt. These spills would be easy to manage if you were using epoxy flooring.

Epoxy is also the ideal material to use for commercial kitchens and food factories, which need to comply with very strict standards on cleanliness and hygiene. The ease of cleaning epoxy floors will make it more convenient for workers to keep the area always clean.

Epoxy flooring is perfect for use in commercial applications because of the valuable protection it provides ordinary concrete. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it the most practical material to use for commercial facilities.