Why Polished Epoxy is Best for Industrial Floors

Industrial floors are often subjected to damages presented by heavy duty machines as well as busy traffic in some cases. Because of the heavy usage for such floors, higher standards are set for industrial floors to avoid constant repairs and replacements. Polished epoxy floor provides many advantages over other floor types in terms of durability and maintenance. Polished epoxy is also touted for its hard wearing properties that make them perfect for industrial operations such as factories and storage facilities.

Epoxy floors benefit from the chemical components in epoxy for that extra hardness to the floor finish. The epoxy mixture is usually composed of a petroleum resin blended with a hardening substance, very similar to the epoxy glue that is used for fixing pipes. When epoxy is used as floor finish, the surface gets added protection from damaging elements such as grease, oil, dust, chemicals and solvents. Polished epoxy is highly resistant to these types of dirt, and whenever the surface gets dirtied, the dirt can easily be removed with an easy sweep of a mop.

Industrial Facilities Polished Epoxy is Ideal

Polished epoxy is well suited for industrial facilities such as food preparation or food factories, storage and showrooms for heavy machinery such as trucks, trolleys and forklifts. It would be good to consult a specialist in epoxy flooring before using industrial floor coatings so you can be sure to get the best and most appropriate coating for a particular operation. For instance, if the location would most likely be slippery because of the machines being used or the materials being processed there, then a coating with a gripping substance would have to be used to turn it into a non-slip flooring. If the epoxy flooring is to be used for a showroom, it would be good to get a shiny finish for better light reflection, thereby bringing more light into the room.

For areas such as airport terminals, railway stations or large shopping malls, a finishing with granite effect would be best to use. This type of surface is not recommended for use in heavy duty floors carrying heavy trucks or equipment because they are applied in thin coatings only. For operations that use electronic equipment or computers, the epoxy is mixed with a low static compound to prevent any damage to the chips. In flooring areas that need repair from cracks, mortar epoxy is applied.

Other types epoxy finishes are designed to fit other industrial applications, so it is best to consult an epoxy flooring specialist first, before starting with the floor finishing project.